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Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Get Your Ex Back and your new peace of mind. If you are reading these words, then you probably stumbled across A.K. Ivanova’s book Win His Heart and have come here to to learn more. Or maybe a friend sent you to this website. A.K. knows your pain…because she experienced it first-hand and learned from it.  She walks you through her own experiences as she battled being ignored, cheated on, and even left–right before her wedding day! From her many painful and humiliating experiences, she set out to find what turns a man off, what turns him on,  and what KEEPS HIM AROUND,  and most importantly—HOW TO GET YOUR EX BACK.

Countless interviews and months of carefully observing relationship behavioral patterns taught A.K. the secret keys to keeping a man interested—really interested. Now she’s the keeper and is no longer the girl being cheated on. She knows how to read the negative behavioral signs and now is able to protect her heart while dating men and having fun! She even benefits from using “what not to do” techniques as a source to get guys to stop pursuing her, which proves time and time again… that what keepers do… really does work! Best of all, while interviewing men, she learned how to get the person back that you had and then lost! As an extension to Win His Heart. A.K. has added Get Your Ex Back.a versatile book for both MEN and Womento her ever growing and popular outreach.

About Get Your Ex Back

A.K. Ivanova’s Get Your Ex Back is a simple and powerful guide to save any relationship. Filled with titillating advice and compelling true life stories,  the reader will quickly find their hearts healing and on their way to a new life.

In this book you will find:

  • How to come back when you think you have taken it too far
  • What to stop doing though it feels so right at the moment
  • How to fix any relationship

With an ending that will leave you encouraged and confident once again, Get Your Ex Back is a strong, compelling book that will give you the self-confidence to live without fear and the positive energy to start living –and loving–your life again.


About Win His Heart

A.K. Ivanova’s Win His Heart is a powerful tool to save the broken-hearted. It will change you from the being the girl guys never appreciate to becoming the keeper he can’t live without. The book helps you build personality and attraction traits that will drive him mad and make him want more of you.   Win His Heart takes you from the first few dates all the way through life-skills that will make him love you and stay forever once he has committed to you. The author provides compelling real life scenarios as well as characters we all can relate to as examples of the way the “keeper” handles situations verses the “for now” girl who always ends up alone.

Bonus information’s includes:

  • What does chemistry have to do with it?
  • Why do we want things until we get them?
  • What do women do without knowing that makes a man run for the hills?

The conclusion tells you what to do once you’ve won his heart and it includes a gripping chapter of Do’s and Don’ts as well as some helpful hints to make you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.  Win His Heart is a book of encouragement and female knowledge designed to give you the confidence to live without fear—and the power to start building relationships founded on commitment.

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